Where to connect

You can connect to AMS-IX directly or via a third party from 500+ locations in the world.

  1. Connect directly
    If you are present in one the 14 colocations where the AMS-IX infrastructure is housed, you can connect directly.  

  2. Connect via one of our partners
    Our Partner Program enables carriers to resell AMS-IX ports from any location where they have infrastructure connected to our Internet Exchange. This all-in-one service includes IP transport. 

  3. Connect from another location
    You can also connect from a location where neither AMS-IX or AMS-IX’s partners are present. For this, you can use any of the carriers and transport providers that have presence in one or more of our colocations in Amsterdam. In this case a local cross connect is needed from the transport provider’s terminal point to our patch panel on site (although this can usually be arranged through your transport provider).
    For more information, contact us.

Look for a location

Partner Present in # Data Centers Contact
IPTP Networks 85 Contact
GTT EMEA (PacketExchange Ltd) 212 Contact
GTT EMEA LTD 212 Contact
Epsilon Telecommunications Ltd 75 Contact
NetActuate 27 Contact
Dial Telecom, a.s. 9 Contact
euNetworks 88 Contact
NetIX Communications EOOD 28 Contact
Enter 25 Contact
Türk Telekom International AT AG 21 Contact
TI Sparkle Netherlands B.V. 30 Contact
IX Reach 118 Contact
RETN Ltd 102 Contact
AS33891 Netzbetrieb GmbH 61 Contact
Phibee Telecom SAS 28 Contact
Liazo 47 Contact
Belgacom International Carrier Services S.A. (BICS) 36 Contact
China Telecom (Europe) Limited 11 Contact
GlobalConnect A/S 6 Contact
CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands B.V. 13 Contact
CJSC "Rascom" 18 Contact
Global Network Management Ltd 14 Contact
Viatel Ireland Ltd 15 Contact
NFOrce Internet Services 13 Contact
Titan Networks 10 Contact
Orange Polska SA 18 Contact
Megaport 21 Contact
Netrouting 21 Contact
BIT BV 7 Contact
Workonline Communications (Pty) Ltd 11 Contact
GBI HQ Cooperatief UA 3 Contact
Lepida Spa 5 Contact
NaMeX 2 Contact
Breedband Nederland 13 Contact
Serverius B.V. 9 Contact
Quanza Engineering B.V. 10 Contact
atom86/Schuberg Philis B.V. 17 Contact
A2B Internet 17 Contact
AMS-IX 14 Contact
Vancis B.V. 2 Contact
Equinix Netherlands B.V. 5 Contact
Tinet SpA 1 Contact