Anti-DDoS services

Generally speaking, mitigating and combating DDoS-attacks is a complex matter and there are multiple ways to tackle these. 

Within the AMS-IX ecosystem of connected networks there are members and customers who can provide various anti-DDoS measures and services to other autonomous systems, either on a commercial or non-commercial basis.

For example, one of our members offers a so called ‘Naughty Port’ concept 1, while another, the Dutch cooperative initiative NaWas offers a scrubbing service2 (the ’National Washing street’). But these are just a couple of the many third party offerings available on the AMS-IX platform for members and customers which can help mitigate the impact of DDoS-attacks.

Our advice is to make use of the knowledge and services of our community and make use of the appropriate mailing lists to reach out to them.

We would like to note that the AMS-IX Mailing lists are subject to the AMS-IX Mailing Lists Code of Conduct.

1 Simplified: Predict which networks a possible DDoS-attack is coming from and reroute that bad/ naughty traffic to a small separate small port.
2 Simplified: Internet scrubbing center. During a DDoS-attack traffic is rerouted to NaWas and washed.