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The EasyAccess service bundles IP transport and the AMS-IX peering port into one pre-negotiated, cost-efficient and robust package.

This service offers you the best of both worlds: a cost-effective connection to the world's leading internet exchange through a robust third-party carrier network. On top of that, you only have to manage one contract and you get a dedicated AMS-IX contact person.

Features & Benefits

Infographics Neutral Offered by neutral, non-for-profit, member-based organisation
Infographics One Stop Shop One-stop-shop at AMS-IX with multiple robust third-party carrier networks
Infographics Flexible Port Flexible port1 capacity available with adjustable speeds: 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps, 1GE, 2GE, 5GE and 10GE
Infographics Transport Secure IP transport with high availability and robust connection due to redundant transport
Infographics Cost Efficient Cost-effective and no investment in physical equipment needed

Cost structure

We use multiple third-party carriers networks and we have pre-negotiated the best price for you. Based on the location, AMS-IX can provide you with a quote. Please contact us by email.  

AMS-IX EasyAccess enabled Data Centres

Currently the AMS-IX EasyAccess service is enabled for a number of Data Centres in the Netherlands. If you are interested in our services or want to become an AMS-IX EasyAccess enabled Data Centre, please contact us by email.   

1 Virtual CrossConnect Circuit (VXC) 

Data Centre Address
Alticom Alphen aan de Rijn Energieweg 4, 2404 HE, Alphen aan den Rijn
Alticom Hilversum Witte kruislaan 47A, 1217 AM, Hilversum
Alticom IJsselstein Hogebiezendijk 21, 3401 RS, Ijsselstein
Alticom Lelystad Oostvaardersdijk 2, 8244 PA, Lelystad
Alticom Roosendaal Melis Stokelaan 25, 4707 HP, Roosendaal
Alticom Zwolle Bergkloosterweg 62, 8034 PP, Zwolle
BIT-2 Galileilaan 19, 6716 BP, Ede
Bytesnet Rotterdam Schuttevaerweg 48, 3044 BB, Rotterdam
Datacenter.com AMS1 Keienbergweg 22, 1101 GB, Amsterdam
Dataplace Arnhem Tivolilaan 251, 6802 EG, Arnhem
Dataplace Rotterdam van Coulsterweg 6, 2952 CB, Alblasserdam
Dataplace Utrecht Koningin Wilhelminaweg 471, 3737 BE, Groenekan
Ericsson MediaGateway Koos Postemalaan 2, 1217 ZC, Hilversum
Global-E Haansbergseweg 12, 5121 LJ, Rijen
Gyrocenter Gyroscoopweg 134-140, 1042 AZ, Amsterdam
NLDC Aalsmeer Lakenblekerstraat 13, 1411 GE, Aalsmeer
NLDC Almere Rondebeltweg 62, 1329 BG, Almere
NLDC Eindhoven High Tech Campus 53, 5656 AG, Eindhoven
NLDC Oudemeer Fokkerweg 300, 1438 AN, Oude-Meer
NLDC Rotterdam Anthony Fokkerweg 40, 3088 GG, Rotterdam
Serverius Dronten De Linge 26, 8253 PJ, Dronten
SmartDC Rotterdam Van Nelleweg 1, 3044 BC, Rotterdam
Switch DC Amsterdam Lemelerbergweg 28, 1101 AH, Amsterdam
The Datacenter Group Delft Heertjeslaan 1, 2629 JD, Delft