GRX Members

The services AMS-IX offers for the GRX VLAN can basically be divided into:

  • Customer services
  • Group services

Customer services include:

  • A ‘regular’ port on the AMS-IX layer2 switching platform, which currently runs on 6 different locations.
  • A separate VLAN with no physical limit to the amount of ports.


  • Active monitoring of the VLAN, weekdays between 8AM and 8PM CET (UTC+1, UTC+2). Monitoring includes traffic flow, uptime and quality.
  • Pager services for all hours. The pager service means that there is always an engineer on call, and whenever a malfunction of the GRX service is reported to the helpdesk, a skilled engineer will be on-site within 30 minutes, and repair will start within 2 hours. Feedback will be provided every 30 minutes during repair to all involved parties.
  • 24 * 7 technical assistance.
  • Non-congested infrastructure between all 6 locations with 100% availability and no packet loss and a maximum delay time of 1 ms. If any of these criteria are not met, this is called malfunction, and the above will be enforced.
  • On-line real-time view of actual traffic; in/out per participant, and on total traffic exchanged within the VLAN.
  • Monthly traffic and service- and equipment availability reports.

The above services will be charged per quarter as listed on the Services & Pricing page.

Service costs exclude rack-space, but include costs for cabling between customer equipment and the AMS-IX switch which is to be provided by the colo of choice. It is up to the GRX customer to indicate to the colo what type of connector is needed and when and how this cable is to be connected to the customer's equipment.

Group services include:

  • set-up and maintenance of GRX mailing lists;
  • web site management;
  • regular interaction between GRX representations and AMS-IX, both on technical and organisational matters.

There is no one-time charge for the services as described above.